Online Catalog

Why has the library catalog changed?

Whether you remember the days when you could find a book using the library’s card catalog or you have always been looking for your favorite stories using a computer, it can be difficult to learn new ways to find items.  This guide has been created to assist you in navigating our new public library catalog Bibliocore.  Change is hard, but we want you to have the best possible experience when looking for library materials.  The new catalog is designed to work like a search engine or online retail site so the experience is very intuitive.

How do I find library materials?

Type keywords from the title, subject or the author’s name into the search box.  In this example, the user is looking for the children’s picture book We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins.

Search the catalog

The search returns one result with information on the formats available for this particular title.   In this case, the library owns a physical copy of the picture book and an ebook version through one of our digital services.  Physical books are depicted by the symbol of an open book.  An ebook is represented with a tablet icon.   

Formats available from search 

Placing a hold

The circled area confirms the user is now searching the Lakeland Library Cooperative’s catalog.   Again, if the book is not on the shelf at the Howard Miller Library, the user can see if this title is available at other libraries in the area.  By clicking on the “View details” link (where the red arrow is pointing), a listing of area libraries that own the title will appear.  The user simply needs to see if any copies are available “on shelf”.  The user can click on “Place hold” if he/she/they wish to have it delivered.  The next available copy at any of the libraries on the list will be sent to the user’s home library.  When it arrives, the user will be notified and has one week to pick up the item.  If the person doesn’t wish to wait and would like to drive to the owning library, calling ahead to that library to confirm the title is still available is always recommended.

What if what I’m searching for doesn’t appear in the catalog?

As mentioned earlier, if the item the user is seeking doesn’t appear in either the Howard Miller catalog or the Lakeland Library Cooperative, it may be available through the Michigan eLibrary (MeL).  There is a link to this statewide inter-library loan service under the “Search other resources” menu.  If the “MeL eResources” link is clicked, the search will continue in another library catalog.  Any items borrowed through MeL will be delivered, free of charge to the user’s home library!  Please note that only print items are available through statewide inter-library loan for Howard Miller Library cardholders.  AV items are not available.

How do I renew items, see what’s checked out on my library card and access my reading history?

If a user clicks on the blue Login/My Account box in the upper right-hand corner of the library catalog screen (circled in red), there are a variety of actions that can be taken.

Log into account

Because the user was hoping to take this book out of the library today, it is important to look at the information provided on the screen.  The user can see the book is “Available now” (circled in red).  If the user was at home and wanted to pick the book up another day, the “Place Hold” option on the end of the red arrow, will allow the user to request the book.  
                                                                                                   Place a hold                                                           

 What if what I want isn’t at the library?

If this book wasn’t on shelf at the library or if the library didn’t own this particular title, the user has a couple of options.  By clicking on the “Search other resources” link (circled in red), the user will be able to check availability at other libraries within the Lakeland Library Cooperative (a network of member libraries throughout the West Michigan region) or through the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) (a network of member libraries throughout Michigan).

Search other resources

By clicking on the “Search the Lakeland Catalog” option under the “Search other resources” drop down menu, the user will be taken to the Lakeland Library Cooperative’s online catalog.   


Log out of account

Checked Out:  Click on this link to see what’s currently checked out on your library card.

On Hold:  This link will list any titles currently on hold on your library card.

Borrowing History:  A user has the option of “Opting In” to keep a history of items checked out.  This will only keep track of what has been checked out after the “Opt In” option has been selected.  Unfortunately, it won’t show what has been checked out before a user opts into the service.

Fees:  If any fines or fee are owed, they will appear in this section with additional details.