Biosolids Program

Biosolids are generated throughout the treatment process. The Zeeland CWP utilizes two Aerobic digestors to reduce the solids biologically, then sending the digested solids to a Sieve Drum concentrator to thicken sludge suitable for land application. The stabilized solids are then stored in six tanks equaling 1.6 MG, where Nutrigo Environmental Services removes the nutrient rich solids periodically and injects them into farmer's fields, the Zeeland CWP's regulated residual management plan is closely monitored by the State of Michigan Environment/Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE).

Farmers and Growers

The City of Zeeland has a robust Bio-Solids Management Plant, biosolids are tested by an independent lab and analytical results must meet stringent parameters that are submitted to the State of Michigan EGLE prior to land application. The program has proven that bio-solids are a valuable resource when recycled to farm land and could meet much of your fertilizer needs. If you are interested in the City's program or would like more information, please call (616) 772-0873 or email on the of the contacts listed on this page.
  1. Doug Engelsman

    Clean Water Plant Superintendent

  2. Justin Flokstra

    Operator/Biosolids Coordinator

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Biosolids Program-Farmer Field 1
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