Keeping Our Community Informed.


In accordance with the Governor’s orders, City playgrounds and public restrooms will be temporarily closed, for the safety of the community.



City Hall closed to the public except by appointment to support a critical infrastructure worker. For appointments, please call:

  • 772 – 0872 (permits)
  • 772 -0870 (city infrastructure)
  • 772-6400 (elections)
  • 772-0871 (payments)

Visitors with appointments will be prevented from entering the premises if they display respiratory symptoms or have had contact with a person who is known or suspected to have Covid19.

We strongly encourage online business at Thank you for your cooperation in mitigating the spread of Covid19.


For the good of public health, the Zeeland BPW customer service counter will be closed to walk-in traffic until Monday, April 6, 2020 (date subject to evaluation). Customer service staff will be on-site M-F 7AM-5PM to accept phone calls, maintain the payment drop box, and perform utility billing processing. Please visit our website for online utility payments and service announcements We’re still available 24/7 to restore electric and water services or respond to your emergency utility service needs.


No wipes in the pipes! It’s important to keep our Clean Water Plant running smoothly by only flushing toilet paper. Please do not flush wipes of any kind, paper towel, napkins, tissue, feminine hygiene products, or other non-toilet paper items, as they can cause plugs in sewer pipes and create sewage backups.


To better align ourselves with the orders and recommendations issued by Governor Witmer’s office and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the Howard Miller Public Library and Community Center will be closed to the public at 12pm on 3/14/20 through 4/5/20. Since we understand that access to library materials is extremely important, please see the update from the Library Director regarding the safest and best way to access your favorite library materials.


The City is closely monitoring the details of COVID-19. We are committed to the safety of our community as we continue to provide our normal services.

City and BPW offices are currently open (M-F 8-5), but we recommend that community members practice social distancing and please utilize online, phone, and drop box services, when possible. Drop boxes are available at City Hall (South Entrance/Cherry Street) and BPW (Main Entrance).

We are doing our part to mitigate this virus and are following the guidance from the Ottawa County Department of Public Health and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

Please find the City’s Mitigation Strategies below.

Information around COVID-19 is rapidly changing on a daily basis. Out of caution, not panic, the City of Zeeland feels it is appropriate to implement recommended mitigation efforts. City Administration is working closely with other local agencies on appropriate mitigation efforts and following the guidance of the Ottawa County Health Department, Ottawa County Emergency Management Office, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. To that end, Governor Whitmer has issued several Executive Orders to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 that can be found here,9753,7-406-98178_98455-521682--,00.html. Of particular note is Executive Order 2020-21 deemed as the Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives order. In conjunction with Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services continues to offer guidance on community mitigation strategies – find here The Ottawa County Health Department supports the use of these strategies – please refer to the following link.

Specific guidance for City Operations through April 13, 2020 (unless noted differently below) or as further modified by the City.

1. Cancel/postpone all public gathering events (i.e., downtown, parks, city facilities) of any number of people unless specifically exempted in Executive Order 2020-21.

2. Close city playgrounds and public restrooms.

3. Close the Zeeland Board of Public Works customer service counter to walk-in traffic. Customer service staff will maintain an on-site presence during published business hours to accept phone calls, maintain the payment drop box, and perform utility billing processing.

4. Close Zeeland City Hall to walk-in traffic. Customer service staff will maintain an on-site presence during published business hours to accept phone calls, maintain the payment drop box, and perform permit request. Individual appointments can be made, subject to Covid19 pre-screening, but customers are strongly encouraged to conduct business via phone, email, on-line, drop-box payment, in order to limit person-to-person contact.

5. Close the Howard Miller Library/Community Center.

6. Cancel/postpone all Howard Miller Library programming through April 30, 2020.

7. Limit in-person city operations to critical infrastructure workers and workers necessary to conduct minimum basic operations necessary to enable transactions that support the work of critical infrastructure workers as defined in Executive Order 2020-21 and/or U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cyber Security & Infrastructure Agency (CISA) guidance through April 13, 2020 or as further extended by Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21. City operations considered critical infrastructure workers and/or workers necessary to conduct minimum basic operations include:

a. Law enforcement, public safety and first responders
   i. Chief of Police and Police Officers
   ii. Fire/Rescue Chief and Fire/Rescue Paid-on call members
   iii. Admin. Assistants to Support Public Safety Operations

b. Energy
   i. Electric System Operators
   ii. Electric Line Workers
   iii. Meter Reader
   iv. Mechanics
   v. Engineers
   vi. Technicians
   vii. Maintenance Workers
   viii. Division Managers

c. Water and Wastewater
   i. Technicians
   ii. Operators
   iii. Electrical/Utility Specialist
   iv. Senior Operator/Laboratory Tech
   v. Clean Water Plant Superintendent
   vi. Water Utility Operations Manager

d. Public works employees needed to maintain streets, maintain safe and sanitary parks, maintain sewer lines, trash pick-up and removal, fleet maintenance, traffic signal maintenance, location of buried utilities, etc.
   i. Equipment Operators – Streets/Parks/Cemetery
   ii. Park/Cemetery Maintenance
   iii. Mechanic
   iv. Asst. Supervisor Streets/Parks/Cemetery/Motor Pool
   v. Public Works Operations Superintendent

e. Manage and oversee elections
   i. City Clerk/Personnel Assistant
   ii. Admin. Assistant to City Clerk/Personnel Assistant

f. Operations necessary to enable transactions that support utility customers and the work of critical infrastructure workers such as payroll and employee benefits, ensure continuity of building functions, facilitate others to work remotely, communications and information technology, and personnel who support Mission Essential Functions
   i. Custodians/Maintenance
   ii. Head Custodian
   iii. Accountant
   iv. Deputy Treasurer/Accountant
   v. Accountant
   vi. Customer Service Representatives
   vii. Marketing Director
   viii. Library/Community Center Director
   ix. Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
   x. Community Development Director/Assessor
   xi. Admin. Assistant to the Community Development Director/Assessor
   xii. Assistant City Manager/Finance Director
   xiii. City Manager
   xiv. Admin. Assistant to City Manager
   xv. Utilities Manager/General Manager
   xvi. Mayor and City Councilmembers
   xvii. City Attorney

8. City Departments will implement their department specific COVID19 response plans to ensure the continued delivery of essential city services including the support of work from home if feasible.

9. Adhere to the City’s Pandemic Illness Response Plan (attached).

10. Mitigate travel to workshops/conferences/trainings unless approved by city manager/BPW General Manager (or their designee).

11. Unless required by the Open Meetings Act, conduct meetings via phone or online whenever possible.


Tim Klunder, City Manager

Andy Boatright, BPW General Manager

Ross Tibbets, Zeeland Fire/Rescue Chief
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