How can I see what I have checked out?

You will open your "shelf" and choose loans.  See the menu below to learn all about the Libby options. 

Libby Bottom Menu Photo

1. “Library”

Find our materials here! There are multiple collections of books to browse as you scroll down the screen. Just click on the book cover that catches your eye to learn more about it and borrow/place it on hold! 


2. “Search”

Click the magnifying glass to search for material.  Start typing the book/series title or author. Suggestions will appear—unfortunately, this does not mean that the library owns the title. You can borrow or place the book on hold from the results page! 

3. “Shelf”

Here you will find: 

Loans - What you’ve already checked out

Holds - What material you’re on hold

Tags - This is a way to organize what books you want to read and those you’ve read. You can create a Wishlist by making a new tag.

4. “Timeline”

Timeline lets you see what you what you placed on hold or checked out by month

5. Using Partner Libraries on Libby:

Other libraries in Michigan have partnered with Lakeland Library Cooperative to offer you more material.   You can switch between libraries by clicking on the Libby icon in the center. 

You can also see what other libraries have the book you’re looking at by clicking on the “plus box” (see below).  If another library has a copy ready to check out you can click on the box to borrow it immediately!

Checking Availability on Libby Screenshot

You can also update your library card number and provide feedback to Libby using this icon.

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