What will the project cost?

At this point in time, we are estimating a total project cost of $3.6 Million which includes the removal and replacement of the existing sidewalk and installation of snowmelt along Main on both sides of the street from State to the East property line of the Community Restaurant.  This also includes snowmelted crosswalks at State and Main, Church and Main, Centennial and Main, Maple and Main, and a Midblock Crosswalk on Main between Elm and Church. (The crosswalk at Elm/Main is already complete.)

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1. What will the project cost?
2. Where is the money coming from and Why doesn’t the city lower the millage instead?
3. Will downtown property owners be responsible for costs associated with this project?
4. Is there possible relief from an installation special assessment?
5. What is the timeline?
6. How will I access downtown during the project?