What size is the booth space?

15’ wide x 10’ deep

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1. Where is the market located?
2. Do I qualify to be a vendor at the Peddlers’ Market?
3. How do I apply?
4. How much is a booth?
5. How do I pay for my booth?
6. What size is the booth space?
7. If I have come to the market before do I still have to apply?
8. If I have been accepted to the market before, will I automatically be accepted again?
9. Can I get two booth spaces?
10. Who determines which vendors will be approved for the market?
11. How will I know that I have been accepted into the market?
12. Will my food truck be accepted?
13. Will my MLM business be accepted?
14. What happens if it rains?
15. Are tables and tents provided?
16. When will I get my booth assignment?
17. How are booth assignments made?
18. Can I make a request on where my booth is?