What is the project's timeline?

The project is expected to begin in June of 2023 and extend through the 2024 construction season with the intention that the work east of Church will be completed in 2023 and the remainder of the project will be completed in 2024.  Depending on the severity of the winter construction activities will take a break during the winter. 


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1. What is the Main Avenue Project?
2. Why are we doing the project?
3. What are the Priorities of the project?
4. What will the project cost?
5. What is the project's timeline?
6. Where is the funding coming from?
7. Why are we starting the project east of Church Street?
8. What will access look like to the downtown district throughout the project?
9. What will access to individual properties look like throughout the project?
10. How do I ask specific questions regarding the project?