Why are we starting the project east of Church Street?

While it may seem more desirable to reconstruct the central block of the downtown district first, we have chosen to do the easterly block for several reasons including:

  • Cityside Middle School will be closed to the public during the summer of 2023 which means less traffic in the vicinity of the project.
  • Coordination with the work at the Sligh Building including watermain, storm sewer and sidewalks.
  • Fewer impacted property owners which allows us to gain efficiencies in year one prior to disturbing the central block in the second year of the project.

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1. What is the Main Avenue Project?
2. Why are we doing the project?
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6. Where is the funding coming from?
7. Why are we starting the project east of Church Street?
8. What will access look like to the downtown district throughout the project?
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