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North Activity Room

Max Occupancy 96

Room Information:

Located in the lower level of the Community Center, the North Activity Room is ideal for meetings and training sessions. A ceiling-mounted video projector, drop-down screen and sound system are available. Room capacity varies up to 89, depending on the configuration of chairs and tables.

Important Notes: We are closed on Sundays and major holidays. Weekend Rates apply Friday evenings, beginning at 5:00 pm and Saturdays. City Ordinance 15-7 (2) Prohibits the sale or distribution of alcohol on city property. Renters and their guests will be held accountable for any violation of this ordinance. A violation of this is a misdemeanor punishable by 90 days and/or $500 in fines. No glitter is allowed in the facility. No lit candles are allowed in the facility. We take pride in our building and assess a cleaning damage fee of $50 per hour for excessive mess or damage left by the group.  Are you a community service group or non-profit? Ask about our special rates. (1292 square feet) 38’ x 34’.

COVID -19 NOTICE: The Community Center is operating at 25% capacity until further notice. 

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Seating Amount 

Standard Rates

Length of Day 
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 Half Day  $125
 Full Day  $250