How can I get a library card at Howard Miller Public Library?

In order to obtain a library card, you must currently be a resident of Zeeland City, Zeeland Township, Olive Township, or Blendon Township. We can also create cards for Herrick District Library in Holland. The requirements for children and adults are listed below: 

Adults: Adults may obtain a library card if they present a valid Michigan Driver’s License,  Michigan ID or Resident Alien Card displaying their current address. Other forms of photo ID are acceptable if the current address is listed.  They will need to present a piece of official mail/form showing current address if the ID does not have it.  Official mail/forms would include a tax bill, a recent utility bill, voter registration, or printed check. Individuals must be over 18 to obtain an adult card.  

Children: Parent or legal guardian of the child must meet the above requirements. The parent or guardian must be present to sign for the library card. People aged 16-17 still require a parent or guardian’s signature. 

Student Cards: Children living in the Howard Miller Public Library service area who do not currently have a standard library card with a co-signer are eligible to apply for a limited use, student card without a co-signer provided. Child must be able to provide full home address, birthdate and phone number or email address. These cards only allow 3 print youth material checkouts. They have full access to Howard Miller Public Library’s digital collection. They can be upgraded to a full-use card with all privileges given to standard card holders with a co-signer signature at any time.  The co-signer must provide the ID requirements as listed in the Adults category above. 

Non-residents: Non-residents may obtain a library card with a current Michigan Driver’s license/Michigan ID or proof of Michigan temporary residence. The fee for a non-resident is $50.00 per year (cash or check only). These non-resident cards are only valid through and can only be used at the Howard Miller Public Library.

Zeeland City, Zeeland Township, Olive Township, or Blendon Township Residents:  If you do not already have a card, you can apply for a library card by following this link.

Updated on 06/7/2023

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