Will the library be offering programs this summer?

HMPL is delighted to offer in-person programming for summer 2021!  Wednesdays at 10:00 am, our team will pop up in either VandeLuyster Square or Lawrence Street Park to bring fun and learning to the whole family.  For specific dates, park locations, and activities, please refer to our website at www.hmpl.org, the Howard Miller Public Library Facebook site, and our Howard Miller Public Library Instagram page.

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1. Are you offering a summer reading program this year?
2. When does summer reading begin and when does it end?
3. How do I register for the 2021 summer reading program at HMPL?
4. Will the library be offering programs this summer?
5. What do I need to do to participate in library programs?
6. Do I need to have a Howard Miller Public Library card to register for the summer reading program or participate in the weekly events?