Can I donate to the library?

Thank you for considering a donation to the library!  Transform your gently used books into library programs and other services by donating them to the library.  

Items we can accept:

  • Materials in good physical condition and free from mildew
  • Books published within the last 20 years
  • Movies or TV shows on DVD
  • Audiobooks on CD

Please note that we cannot accept magazines, textbooks, dictionaries, technical manuals, VHS tapes, cassette tapes or any materials that have a strong mildew smell or actual mildew on the items.  If you have these items, check with a local thrift shop or consider recycling them.

How to donate: 

  • Bring items in clean boxes or bags into the library
  • If you need assistance carrying items, please call 616-772-0874 

We will provide you with a receipt for your donation. Staff will review the materials and will determine what we can sell in our book nook.

Thank you again! 

Updated on 3/24/2022

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