Irrigation System Project


The City of Zeeland is installing a new irrigation system at the Lincoln Street Cemetery. For the next few months, the watering spigots at the cemetery will be deactivated and will not be accessible. The Parks and Cemetery crews will be placing temporary barrels that can be used for watering pots and urns for individual gravesites.

Each year, the City of Zeeland works very hard to maintain the cemetery as a beautiful and welcoming space for the community. During this irrigation project, the cemetery will be without sprinkling, and depending on the amount of rainfall, unfortunately, sections of the lawn may start to brown until the new system is operational.

 We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this construction project.

Lincoln Street Cemetery
220 East Lincoln Avenue, Zeeland

The Lincoln Street Cemetery is located on Lincoln Avenue, 3 blocks east of State Street. The initial beginning dates prior to 1880. Co-founders Jannes and Dina Vande Luyster and Reverend Cornelius and Elizabeth Van Der Meulen are buried here.

Zeeland Cemetery 2022-4

The cemetery is comprised of approximately 15 acres, containing over 8,000 burial lots. The cemetery is divided up into numerous sections. Two sections are devoted entirely to veterans and their spouses. Another section is devoted to holding only infants and babies. Furthermore, there is a ‘living cross’, which is a flowerbed that is planted with red begonias every spring. There is an average of approximately 80 burials per year, which are performed year-round.


Felch Street Cemetery

10149 Felch Street, Zeeland

The Felch Street Cemetery is located on Felch Street between 100th and 104th Avenues. This is a 27-acre development that will be built in a 5-phase plan. Phase I should have 4,000 graves.
Zeeland Cemetery 2022-1


Care & Maintenance
The care and maintenance of the turf grass and trees within the cemetery is a labor-intensive task. Mowing, trimming, and irrigation are done weekly for proper upkeep and aesthetic beauty.


Resident:            $350 per plot
Non-Resident:   $2,000 per plot (these prices are the same for both cemeteries)

Helpful Resources

  1. Mike Bronkhorst

    Cemetery Parks Supervisor
    Phone: 772-0870

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